Autofiktion im Werk Paul Nizons (2014)

PhD Thesis, Aisthesis, Bielefeld, DE

"Paul Nizon's work, as Anne Schülke shows in a close reading along the concepts of autofiction and spatial fiction, consists of hybrid text forms on the genre boundaries between novel, journal and essay. The concept of autofiction is introduced and discussed as a central analytical tool. The focus here is on the question of the function of the author. The prerequisite for this construction of authorship and literary production is the dynamic of stasis and movement characteristic of Nizon's writing. It is realized in a spatial oppositional structure and establishes boundaries. Crossing these boundaries, however, does not set a plot in motion, but stimulates word and language games. For the desired space does not lie beyond these boundaries, but is the literary text itself."

Text: Aisthesis, Bielefeld, GER