Subcooled, Textile Version (2023)

3 textile banners, 500 cm x 60 cm, as part of group show Tangible Absence at project 17717, Seoul (KOR)

Subcooled is a 3-channel video installation with sound based on performances: A very old woman and I play with our hands in front of a camera. I used a glass ball and two glass cubes in which 3D images of the old hand can be seen. For the group exhibition Tangible Absence in a project space in Seoul, I developed a textile version of this video installation: I printed video stills of the 3 channels on 3 textile banners. The banners show a hand and an old hand, a hand holding a glass cube and a glass ball through which you can see fingertips.

The video installation draws on the tradition of experimental film. The textile version transfers the temporal order of the moving images into the space.
The hands can be seen as metaphors for humanity, human behaviour or the ability to grasp and touch someone or something. Glass is produced in a chemical process by heating and cooling. It can be seen as a metaphor for technology, made by human hands, transparent but impossible to get through.

Subcooled is part of a series of works that deal with body and space, image borders and imagination: Suture, White Balance, Nothing, Subcooled and Likeness (in process). I started this series after I worked on an essay about VALIE EXPORTs works.

Photos: Hansol Bae